Brief History of the Club

The commencement of the Club took place several months before the first inaugural meeting in August 1976. Don Huggins was one of five members in NZ of the CRC of Australia, Don was surprised during the Christmas holidays in 1975 to be visited by Ian Harris, Secretary of the CRC Australia at the time. Dennis Lowe, Ian and Don sat down and before long were talking about starting a branch of the CRC in NZ. First step was to draw up a list of all Chrysler owners in the North Island; 140 letters were sent off to the people we knew, informing them of our intention to form a club for the "Restoration and Preservation" of Chryslers, Dodges, DeSoto's, Plymouths, Maxwells and Imperials. At this stage Al Melville became interested and was roped in to lend a hand. There were many replies, so Auckland VCC rooms were booked for Saturday, August 20th 1976 and letters were sent out informing all potential members of the great day. As the hour of the meeting approached there were 3 nervous people joined by 65 people from as far south as Napier and as far north as Whangarei. The first committee was elected and the NZ Branch of the CRC Australia was established. None of the elected committee, President: Don Huggins; Secretary/Treasurer: Al Melville; Spares Organiser: Dennis Lowe; Librarian: Bill Clarke; Editor: Paul Deveral; Club Captain: Don Nightingale; Registrar: Stephen Satherly, had held a position in office before, so much help came from the floor. At the end of the day there were 39 financial members. The subs were set at $12 pa, $6.00 going to CRC Australia. At the first committee meeting, it was found that after currency exchange the Club would have $18.35 to run the Club. After discussion it was decided to form our own Club, print a six-weekly magazine and drop subs to $10.